Rock Your Retirement

What a fun interview I just experienced! Instead of me being the interviewer and asking the questions… the tables were turned and I was the subject. I focused my answers for a show called “Rock Your Retirement”!

I explained to Kathe Kline, the host, that in the fall of 2004, my husband and I left the city and corporate life to live in the country and generate a business on our 10 acres. We found that raising alpacas created the ideal lifestyle for us.

In the audio interview I share how Alpacas of Anza Valley came about and the creative ways we use the fiber that we shear each year from our herd of 50 plus happy alpacas.  I shared that our retirement consisted of selective breeding of our show quality alpacas and that we’ve had 138 births (gestation is 11 ½ months) on our ranch with a dozen more due this summer. And I enlightened her with many more humorous stories!

Our retirement is definitely keeping us young as I describe what’s involved with a “typical day” now.  So enjoy listening to this entertaining audio podcast from the show “Rock Your Retirement”

Raising Alpacas in Retirement: Episode 13

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