Getting hitched alpaca style

When people come to visit our alpacas many of them get “smitten with the cute faces” or “can’t believe how clean they are” or comment “yours are so friendly”,  Ashley fell in love with our surroundings! Yes, Ashley Williams, who is a fantastic professional wedding photographer in San Diego, wanted to do a bridal shoot in our backyard. She desired to use captivating alpacas, the native plants and the earth beneath their feet.

Two days before the planned shoot, we experienced heavy rains, cold temperatures and lots of fog. However, on March 9 the skies cleared, the grounds dried up and the alpacas fiber glistened in the sun, so we decided to go through with the staged wedding shoot. Ashley and a host of other professionals that accompanied her spent several hours getting just the perfect shots. And for the most part… the alpacas cooperated wearing their floral leas, bowties and standing patiently in front of the bride and groom.

Check out the link to the story that ran in the Anza Valley Outlook paper on the front page June 24th  for additional photos. Now we can add one more activity idea with our alpacas!

‘Getting hitched’ at Alpacas of Anza Valley Ranch offers unique photo opportunities

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