Alpacas Made Simple

Anza Valley Outlook Thursday, November 29th, 2012 Issue 48, Volume 12. Jodi Thomas. Staff Writer “It was a wonderful morning and the Roy’s are generous with sharing all they have learned in their eight years with the alpacas,” said Nancy Paris, one of the eight alpaca enthusiasts to attend...

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Alpaca Farm Days – Huge Success!

Over 100 people of all ages visited Alpacas of Anza Valley and caught “Alpaca Fever!” Ranch visitors were greeted by a new baby (cria) less than 24 hours old on Saturday. The next day, another cria was born and the crowd witnessed the owners, Julie & Don Roy, step...

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Anza Valley Outlook

The entrepreneurial path: Alpacas of Anza Valley Friday, September 14th, 2012 Anza Valley Outlook Issue 37, Volume 12. Jodi Thomas, Staff Writer In this changing economic time, many are either out of work, retired, or choosing the entrepreneurial path. They say that you should choose to do what interests...

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National Alpaca Farm Days

Come join us for our 5th annual Open Alpaca Ranch Days, September 29 & 30. All across the country these days have been set aside as National Alpaca Farm Days. We will open the ranch for visitors Saturday & Sunday from 10 am – 4 pm. Come check out...

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Great Grandson of PPPeruvian Royal Fawn, Flash is the Macho on the ranch. His dam & sire were both bay blacks, however; he takes after his very famous grandsire Show Me the Money (“Mo”) with his fine and dense medium fawn fleece, full leg coverage and a very full...

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Ten Tips to Happy Alpacas

Alpacas can adapt to the heat of our summer days as long as they have cooler nights to recover. When nighttime temperatures stay in the upper eighties, this tends to create an accumulated effect and gives reason to take special precautions to avoid heat stress. Alpacas Love Water Another...

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