Alpaca Education

We believe strongly in educating the alpaca enthusiast like you. To that end, we have designed several types of educational products… some are complimentary and some require a small fee.

Would you like to receive a complimentary emailed newsletter in your inbox weekly? The topics cover the business of owning alpacas, herd management tips, what to do with your fleece and many more helpful tips on the alpaca lifestyle. Go to: to check out how you can begin receiving this fabulous free education.

If you just became an alpaca enthusiast and want an in depth look at the alpaca lifestyle and details on the business possibilities, then check out the eBook Alpacas Made Simple – Beginners Guide. The description on what you receive can be found at

For the more serious alpaca enthusiast and new alpaca breeder, I created a series of interviews with the Experts. This valuable collection of over 7 hours of content rich alpaca education can be found at There is a short video that explains everything that you receive in this package of instant downloadable audio CDs. I interviewed a CPA, 2 Vets, a ranch manager on the set-up of a new farm/ranch, a Judge, a marketing expert for small businesses and a fiber mill owner. They share hundreds of tips to get your business off to a great start!

For additional resources we also support and use the following: – The main website for the Alpaca Owners Association – The main website for the Alpaca Registry Inc (ARI)  – The new website for alpaca education provided by ARI – The website about alpaca breeders in Southern California.