Alpaca Dryer Balls

Q: What do you do with raw alpaca fiber from 60 alpacas?

A: Make hundreds of Alpaca Dryer Balls.

Don’t let this photo fool you. You only need to put 3 – 5 “balls” in your dryer to soften your clothes and remove static. I make 50 at a time and use my own clothes dryer to complete the felting process.

Each “Alpaca Dryer Ball” is composed of 1 oz. of raw alpaca fiber that has been washed and felted into a natural anti-static alternative to the chemically treated dryer sheets. The design of multiple natural colored or white fibers is my artistic outlet to make each one look unique.

Just leave them in your dryer and add your clothes. They will tumble and fluff a load of clothes in less time and on a lower heat setting. One customer, Elizabeth, reported that she saves at least 15 minutes per load and she never uses the high heat setting anymore. They are very economical.

Another customer, Wendy, proudly announced to a group of 35 knitting guild ladies (that I was speaking to in the desert) that just after using them for the first time “my towels were softer and more absorbent and my delicates glided over my skin with no static!” Another one, Pam, chimed in that “Using “Alpaca Dryer Balls sure beats using fabric softener… After purchasing my first set, I decided to buy 8 sets more to give as ‘Hostess’ gifts. My friends just LOVE them!”

Not to leave the men out, Dave, an elderly gentleman in Chula Vista told me as he reordered his 6th set of “Balls”, “I do my own laundry in a public facility. I’m proud to say that I impress the ladies with my use of the Alpaca Dryer Balls instead of dryer sheets! They love receiving them as gifts. I’ve even turned my children around to using them.”

Some facts about toxic dryer sheets:

Did you know that the fragrances used in commercially made dryer sheets are designed to cover up the awful orders of the chemicals that coat each sheet? Did you also know that those toxic properties are designed to be released over an extended period of time on your clothes and bedding? And according to – …“In fact at night, these toxins go straight to the brain’s most sensitive neurological centers and wreak havoc”.

Even if you don’t choose to use Natural Alpaca Dryer Balls, please think of yours and your families’ health and stop using harmful dryer sheets. Here’s a link to the sources I used about the detrimental properties of dryer sheets to people, clothes and the dryer itself. And if you wish to purchase the “Alpaca Dryer Balls” online you may join my crusade. Alpaca Dryer Balls.

PS: I’m still using the same balls I made in 2013 and they’re still delivering consistent anti-static benefits.

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