About Us

Welcome to Alpacas of Anza Valley

In September 2004, Julie and Don Roy started their Alpacas of Anza Valley (AAV) business with four pregnant females; and over the course of their business, they helped birth 150 babies.  Julie became a trained mid-wife and was personally tutored by Dr. Anita Dennison to offer a variety of herd health care treatments.

Julie and Don have helped dozens of people start successful alpaca businesses all over the US. Their focus encompasses educating new breeders to become successful from the start. One of their educational tools is the popular Alpaca Business Secrets Power Pack, a set of audio downloads filled with 7 hours of expert advice and tips for the new breeder. Julie selected and interviewed each of the experts to create this incredible package of wisdom.

They also offer an eBook called Alpacas Made Simple and an emailed newsletter called Profiting with Alpacas. As a certified business coach, Julie loves to inspire people to create their desired lifestyle, even before they take the alpacas to their property.

In 2017 they shifted their focus from raising alpacas to educating people about alpacas. They still carry a line of 100% alpaca yarn from the herd and offer a variety of knit and woven alpaca accessories. Julie specializes in creating hand-woven scarves and wall hangings. 

At their Alpaca Boutique, you can feel luxurious hand spun – hand knit scarves, hats and shawls from quality local knitters. Also for sale are high quality USA made & imported items from Peru at very affordable prices. The Boutique features alpaca rovings and skeins of yarn from selected AAV alpacas in a wide range of colors.

Since the Roy’s now reside full-time in Pine Cove/Idyllwild, CA, they provide a few young alpacas from a near-by ranch, for touching and selfies at local farmers markets! Call for their traveling calendar to come by and meet the alpacas.