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Ranch Closed

Alpacas at play... running, jumping, playing and all the fun things alpacas love to do.


Fall colors

Our Liquid Amber tree changes colors in the fall

The Ranch is Closed

Closed to the public

Doing What Alpacas Do Best…

Alpacas love eating grass and hanging-out with other alpacas.

The Ranch is Closed

Spring Time Flowers

Spring time and the flowers are in bloom.

Catch Me If You Can

Ranch Favorites


Julie and Don saved my crias life. I didn't buy my alpacas from them. They didn't owe me anything. Everything seemed normal the day our alpaca delivered her cria. I knew something was very wrong about an hour after birth. I tried calling the vet, and the farm I bought my alpacas from. Both calls went straight to voicemail. Then I called Julie. I had met her at one of her open farm days several months before. She and Don dropped everything and drove to my house and stayed with me throughout the entire process. They cared about us. They both assisted the vet when he arrived. If it weren't for them, my cria would not have lived. I will never forget what they did for us. We love you guys! - Winter Mendez

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